Meant to Print | Senior Portraits

Meant to Print | Senior Portraits

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Meant to Print Ambassador – Dawn Carlisle

“I am in love with Tyndell Photographic’s offering of quality Senior Products at an affordable price.  When I placed my order with Tyndell and looked through their prices, I was unsure I would receive a top notch product based on the price that I paid.  

I was blown away when I received my box and unpacked my products.  The care taken with carefully wrapping each product in foam wrap, shrink wrap or extra boxing was incredibly thoughtful.  I have no worries about dented or damaged products with Tyndell. The products themselves are beautiful.”

“I absolutely love the black on black folio with 8 openings.  It is such a wonderful way to display a set of senior photos.  It is classic and timeless while still having a modern feel.  It comes with the option of personalizing it with your business logo or even the seniors name at a very affordable price.”

Photo Folder

“Next I ordered the photo folders (black on black) with my logo personalized on the back.  These came in a set of 10.  They are fantastic.  I believe these photo folders are the perfect vehicle for a senior parent to deliver a printed photo to a relative.  They are classy yet not overly expensive.  The quality of the folder is very nice and my logo printed perfectly.”

Walnut Flash and Print Box

“Lastly, I ordered a Walnut Flash and Print Box.  This can be ordered with either the top of the box engraved (with your client name or your company name) OR you can have a picture printed on the top of the box.  I chose to have a picture printed on the front.  I was so happy with how this box turned out I am changing my senior offerings based on this box.  The quality is exceptional.  The flash drive has my logo engraved on it.  It is just beautiful.  I imagine a senior sitting this box on their shelf and thumbing through the pictures I put inside for years to come.

Tyndell’s has really hit the trifecta … quality, variety, price point!”

-Dawn Carlisle

Meant to Print

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