Using Folders in Photo Packaging
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Using Folders in Photo Packaging

Using Folders in Photo Packaging

Photo Packaging Basics | Using Folders For more than 150 years, photographers have been using folders in photo packaging. Folders have maintained their popularity over the years because they are simply the best way for a studio to present their images. Here are some of the advantages of using folders in your photo packaging (in no particular order):

  • They are easy to use… simply open and slip in (or tuck in) your print(s).
  • Folders frame, enhance, and protect photographs. Prints look more professional when presented to a client in a folder. Folders also serve a function in protecting prints from being damaged.
  • They are a cost effective way for professional photographers to present final images to clients. Depending on the style and quality, folders can be purchased for as little as $0.17 each—that’s a minimal cost to photographers and makes for a more professional delivery. Folders come in different grades of quality and each grade has a unique purpose. For example, budget folders (which include printed gray or lower quality recycled black or white folders) are ideal for proms, events, and low-cost/volume portraiture, whereas high quality paper folders with embossed foil borders are ideal for middle to high end portraiture deliveries.
  •  They can multi-task! Folders are perfect for delivering prints to clients but they also have many other relevant uses. For example, they can be used to package and present certificates of achievement or gift certificates. Some folders are also specifically designed to hold literature such as price list and CDs or DVDs.
  • Folders take up minimal space and are easy to store. They are thin and flat. Need I say more?!?
  • Folders are easy to mail and less expensive to ship. (Again… thin and flat!)
  • They are a great way to advertise your business. Simply adding your studio’s logo to your folders creates an opportunity for you to brand and identify your work.
  • They can be accessorized to create a more stylish and unique presentation. It’s easy and inexpensive to add ribbons, stribbons, tissue paper and foil imprinting to folders. You can create a custom boutique look or match your company’s brand. And remember by “dressing up” your photo packaging, you’re creating a high-end delivery experience for your clients.

Here’s an example of a photo delivery that we received last Fall from a family photo session at Focal Point in Farmington Hills, MI. The high end black portrait folder frames the image beautifully and truly enhances the final product. The foil imprinting adds a level of sophistication and is an everlasting reminder and identifier of the studio. I also added a lovely teal satin ribbon to demonstrate that a simple touch—even as simple as a single ribbon—can go a long way in adding to the value of your delivery and is sure to impress clients. Using folders in photo packaging Folders are easy to use and cost effective. They provide a professional delivery to your clients and can be customized to best suit your photo packaging needs. I guess that’s why they’ve been around for so long and are still very relevant in the photography industry. An oldie but goodie for sure!

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