Differentiate Yourself with Photo Packaging
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Differentiate Yourself with Photo Packaging

Differentiate Yourself with Photo Packaging

Packaging serves many purposes… from protecting the product and aiding in delivery to conveying information and playing an important role in marketing. Packaging can also be used to differentiate your product from the competition. Eye-catching packaging will help attract more customers and will encourage more sales. Research even suggests that simple changes and updates to make packaging look more appealing—without actually changing the product itself—can lead to increases in sales by up to 15% in some cases [Tobii Eye Tracking Research].

Brands and retailers alike have embraced this idea and are using packaging to make their products stand out. They are investing $$$$ in product packaging because it helps sell their products. A distinctive, unmistakable and eye-catching appearance is a signal to which all consumers respond positively. Whatever stands out clearly in a monotonous competitive environment—whatever is surprising—scores points with the consumer. Also remember this… a special effort that makes a special impression is allowed to cost more.1 [That’s two fold… yes, packaging is an additional expense but if you offer a product and sell it in high-end packaging, you can sell it for more too.]  

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, we pulled together a collection of images featuring creative, eye catching product packaging. The products shown below are not from the photography industry… but who says inspiration can’t be taken from anywhere! Take a look at how some retailers are differentiating their products through packaging…

Photo packaging suppliesPhoto packaging suppliesPhoto packaging suppliesPhoto packaging suppliesPhoto packaging supplies


If you think your photo packaging doesn’t add value or that it’s just another cost, realize this… successful companies in ALL industries embrace packaging and understand the value it offers.

At the end of the day, ask yourself this… is my photo packaging attractive and eye-catching? Does it differentiate my product from my competitors? If yes, that’s great, you are ahead of the curve! If not, evaluate your packaging and make simple changes or updates to your photo packaging supplies to create a more eye-catching and appealing look. A small change can go a long way.



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